Dog Bites

Are dog bites covered by homeowner’s insurance in Florida?

This is not a one-size fits all answer. It used to be that most homeowner’s insurances cover dog bites. But now we have exclusions, and some people may have homeowner’s insurance and likely exclude any damages for dog bites; so the answer is it’s fact-dependent. If you have a dog-bite case, and a homeowner’s dog bit you, and they were at fault — and they usually at fault — and they don’t have insurance, you can still file a lawsuit against the homeowner. But, it’s best if they do have insurance, and that is in fact dependent upon the individual policy.


Do I have a case in Florida if the property owner’s dog bit me at a home where I was doing work?

Yes, you do have a case. There are many things, and it is always fact dependent, about whether you have a good case or not such a good case. If you incited the dog, that’s not such a good case, but the property owner has insurance or should have insurance if his or her dog bit you. If they don’t have insurance, their assets can be attached if you win a lawsuit against the property owner. It is basically fact dependent, dependent upon the circumstances, dependent upon the insurance available, dependent upon the assets the potential defendant has, dependent upon your injuries. You need to see a lawyer as soon as possible.


If a Neighbor’s Dog Bit Me on their Property, is the Neighbor Liable?

The neighbors should be liable but was this dog provoked? Did you provoke the dog? Of course this would go against any liability of the owner of the animal, but generally speaking, the owner of an animal is responsible if their dog bites somebody.