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Tips From An Experienced Florida Attorney That May Save Your Future

There are many things of life in which ‘new’ is a great attribute, maybe a new restaurant you want to try, maybe a new fad diet that everyone’s raving about, or even a new trend in social media marketing, new can be great. However, ‘new’ is not what you want in an attorney, when your life or the lives of your loved ones, your health, financial future, or security are at stake.

When you’re dealing with critically important issues, legal matters that have a tremendous impact on your future, you want a lawyer who has immense experience handling cases and seeing them through. You want a lawyer who has been to trial again and again, and has a track record of winning. You want Lawyer who has longstanding relationships, a lawyer who knows the judges, is knowledgeable of all the insurance companies, and understands the mechanisms of the court system. You want an attorney who isn’t afraid to go to court and has a reputation that commands respect.

Richard A. Bokor, of the law office: Richard A. Bokor, P.A. is that attorney. Richard A. Bokor has years of experience in the courts and a track record of success. Richard A. Bokor has tried more than 150 cases before a jury, and defendant lawyers in Tampa, FL, as well as insurance companies, know, full well that he is not hesitant to go to trial if need be, which often can result in higher settlement amounts outside of court.

Whether you need an auto crash laywer, motorcycle crash lawyer, wrongful death lawyer, dog bite lawyer, medical malpractice lawyer, or another type of personal injury lawyer in Tampa, FL, Richard A. Bokor, P.A. is the firm to choose.

What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

Most people know that they need a personal injury lawyer when they have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another party, but they may not have a comprehensive understanding of the many and various ways that their lawyer works to protect them and to secure compensation for their injuries. Let’s consider some of the basics.

A Thorough Explanation of Your Rights and the Process

Personal injury laws are complex, and can at times be confusing. Laws vary from state to state, and the laws are constantly changing as well. There are issues of comparative negligence, statute of limitations, and more that must be considered and acted upon. When you work with Richard A. Bokor, of the law office: Richard A. Bokor, P.A., Richard A. Bokor will walk you through the entire process. He will take great care to explain your rights in detail so you can make an informed decision about how you would like to proceed. He will break down the complex legal jargon and make everything easy to understand so you will feel confident about your rights and your decisions. He will never rush through anything; if you have questions, he will stop and explain things. In short, as your personal injury attorney, Richard A. Bokor will see to it that you are comfortable, and that you fully understand every detail of your case and the court process—from your basic rights to how he will proceed to secure compensation for your injuries.

Provide Experienced Counsel

Once you fully understand your rights and how the laws apply, you will now need to go through all your options to assess the risks versus potential for success of each. As your personal injury lawyer in Tampa, FL (and in all of Florida), Richard A. Bokor, P.A. will take the time to help you fully grasp the differences between settling out of court and going to trial to win a jury award. Attorney Richard A. Bokor will explain how each may affect your overall compensation based on the particular details of your case, who the defendant is, and even past compensation awards for similar cases.  He will also explain all risks of loss and all potential costs to you.

Richard A. Bokor understands that clients often feel intense anxiety after they have experienced an injury, especially if it is a severe one, and he will take the wheel, relieving you of your stress and anxiety as much as possible. He will provide you with the knowledge to assess whether you want or need to settle quickly, or if you can afford to wait it out for a potentially bigger settlement. There are always many options and strategies for every personal injury claim, and Richard A. Bokor will walk you through everything, providing the type of knowledgeable counsel you will only get from someone with the kind of extensive experience he has.

Quality Court Representation

While it is true that most personal injury cases are usually settled out of court, a seasoned personal injury lawyer will always be prepared and ready to go to trial. If an insurance company denies a claim, then a civil trial may be necessary to recover the damages you are owed. If there are varying accounts of how the crash/injury occurred, meaning that the defendant refuses to acknowledge negligence, then you must go to Court via a lawsuit. In cases where there could be partial negligence assigned to both parties, or multiple parties, then we will often need to go to court or mediation to settle that as well.

Again, most claims will be settled out of court, but if trial is necessary you will want a personal injury lawyer who isn’t afraid to take it to the defendant in an open court setting. Richard A. Bokor has tried over 150 cases before the courts and his reputation is known by judges and insurance companies alike. Insurance companies are well aware that Attorney Richard A. Bokor won’t hesitate to go to court, and because of this they are often times more likely to settle out of court for a higher compensation dollar amount than they ordinarily would. This is because insurance companies understand that empathetic juries typically award plaintiffs much higher financial awards when negligence is proven. Therefore, it’s often better for the defendant’s insurance company to settle out of court, and avoid the risk of a jury hitting them hard when they empathize with a plaintiff’s situation, considering their injuries, stress, and suffering.

You must be aware that the individual defendant usually pays nothing out of his/her pocket. It is the insurance company that most always “calls the shots”.


The facts aren’t always clear, and many times a case requires further investigation. Additionally, sometimes defendants (through their insurance companies) may try to gloss over important elements or even hide facts that they know would implicate their negligence. Rest assured this will not stand. Richard A. Bokor will hire top investigators, from retired police detectives to criminal analysts, all who know how to dig, and where to dig, to deliver facts and evidence that can support your case, and help win a large settlement for your injuries.  Remember that the defendant(s)’ side also will spend thousands of dollars trying to support their version of the case as well.

Testimonials From Other Lawyers

“Richard knows more about the rules of evidence than most judges. Richard is an honorable man who genuinely cares about the civil justice system and the rights of all individuals.”

5.0/5.0 Review for Richard A. Bokor by an Attorney on 09/12/19 in Personal Injury

Good Advice And Skilled Damage Assessment

When you or a loved one have been injured and you need a motorcycle crash lawyer, wrongful death lawyer, dog bite attorney, medical malpractice lawyer, or another type of personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, Richard A. Bokor, P.A. will provide you with good advice and skilled damage assessment. Richard A. Bokor will be with you every step of the way.

Richard A. Bokor and his staff at Richard A. Bokor, P.A. understand that crashes and injuries always require medical attention, possibly surgeries, possibly physical therapy, possibly speech therapy, etc. and it’s all expensive. When the medical bills are due and bill collectors begin harassing you for immediate payment you may be tempted to take the early, and quicker, settlement. It’s understandable, as no one likes to be harassed. However, in most cases, the early settlement benefits the insurance company and not you—the injured. Richard A. Bokor has years of experience assessing the value of injuries in terms of what settlements are fair and just, and he will help you look at the big picture, considering how your injuries may affect you not just today, but down the road ten, twenty, or thirty years later! Richard A. Bokor will consider everything, from lost wages, possible career-ending injuries, ongoing therapy, the potential need for surgery in the future, and so much more. Your injury may heal in a few months but you may need compensation to care for the pain, emotional trauma, and possible lifetime of inconvenience, pain, and suffering due to your injury. As your personal injury attorney, Richard A. Bokor will be there for you and help you make the best decision so you will be sure to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Richard A. Bokor, P.A. handles auto crashes, truck crashes, motorcycle crashes, medical and dental malpractice, spinal cord injuries, construction crashes, wrongful death, loss of limb, slip and fall claims, traumatic brain injuries, animal bites, insurance disputes, catastrophic injuries, boat crashes, recreational crashes, swimming crashes, and more. If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, do not delay and call Richard A. Bokor, P.A. right away and let us get to work on your case and claim.

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